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Celebration - front view
Celebration: Naked Man with Feather Boa and Loin Cloth
High-Fire Terra Cotta Clay, Feathers, and Leather
14" x 11" x 6.5"

Front View

This sculpture was exhibited at The River Arts Gallery’s Celebration Show in Damariscotta, Maine, from November - December 2023. https://riverartsme.org/

I created this sculpture years ago from a live model in a continuing studies class at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and decided to repurpose it. While creating it, I attended a protest downtown against the US invasion of Iraq. At the protest I picked up a NO WAR button, and once the sculpture was finished I adorned it with a sash and the button.

Now with LGBTQ+ rights threatened and under attack, I wanted this sculpture to represent a celebration of that community, with the rainbow feather boa, and leather loin cloth/modified codpiece. The River Arts Gallery’s exhibition with the theme “Celebration,” sparked my idea for this redesign. At first glance this piece could be interpreted as campy and lighthearted, but I don’t want it to be disrespectful. I have empathy and deep concerns for this community - lost friends years ago to the AIDS epidemic, know young people who identify with this community and have been affected by the recent hostile political climate. So this sculpture I hope embraces and celebrates, does not shame or demonize the personal autonomy and freedom of expression of LGBTQ+ individuals.